50 Years of Service

Dedicated to protecting the assets and reputation of private institutions of higher education.

Our Rich History

Search the insurance landscape and you won’t find another organization quite like EIIA. When it comes to serving the insurance and risk management needs of colleges and universities, it is without equal.

At the end of the Civil War, Historically Black Colleges identified that one of their most critical needs was education. The Methodist Church established schools to teach former slaves to read and write.

Many of these institutions were regularly denied insurance coverage and left vulnerable to catastrophic loss. From this need, EIIA was formed to provide risk management and insurance services to twelve founding Member institutions. In just over a year, 59 new schools had joined the consortium. Today, we serve over 150 private institutions of higher education.

1960’s - EIIA is Formed

Insurance consortium organized under the leadership of Dr. John O. Gross to serve uninsured Historically Black Colleges of the Methodist Church.

1970’s - Basketball Team Perishes

EIIA is incorporated as a not-for-profit, free standing entity of the United Methodist Church to provide property & casualty insurance and hires its first EIIA President, Stanley R. Tarr. EIIA settles a landmark claim when the University of Evansville, Indiana basketball team perishes in a plane crash.

1980's - Advisory Council Formed

The 30-member Advisory Council is formed consisting of CFOs and Risk Managers. Evangelical Lutheran Church in America institutions join EIIA.

1990's - Tornado Destroys Campus

Stanley Tarr retires and James Hatcher, former chief business officer at Albion College, is named president of EIIA. Presbyterian Church USA institutions join EIIA. EIIA covers a huge loss for Gustavus Adolphus College when a tornado destroys the campus.

2000's - Landmark Claims

EIIA and its Members form College Insurance Company, a Vermont captive insurance company, College Risk Retention Group and College Risk Purchasing Group. American Baptist Church USA institutions join EIIA. James Hatcher retires, and Siri Gadbois is named president of EIIA. EIIA covers two landmark claims: Hurricane Katrina devastates Dillard University and pays sexual misconduct claim exceeding $23M.

2010's - 2020: EIIA becomes Member-owned

EIIA is reorganized to serve all faith-inspired institutions of higher education and becomes Member-owned. Siri Gadbois retires, and Jeffery Wolf, former chief financial officer at University of Evansville, is named president of EIIA.

2020 - Present - COVID-19 Changes the Higher Education landscape

Higher Education demonstrates its resilience against the COVID-19 world-wide pandemic

Our Mission

EIIA is a member-governed consortium of private, faith-inspired colleges, universities and seminaries committed to protecting the promise of higher education through the delivery of innovative insurance and risk management solutions to its Members.


Shaped by Leaders in Higher Education

The Board of Directors consists of Member Presidents, Chief Financial Officers and two independent directors that meet twice a year. Important sub-committees such as the Joint Audit & Financial Advisory Committee meet more frequently to work on EIIA business matters delivered to the Board.

The Advisory Council, consisting of 30 Chief Financial Officers and Risk Managers, meet twice a year to provide direction on the specific insurance needs that higher education institutions must address.

The Member Representatives, assigned by the institution president, meet annually to elect certain Board of Directors and adopt any board recommended actions.

The Trustees for the Employee Benefits and Student Insurance Programs meet semi-annually to review and approve program designs, financial structure, administrative fees and more. These two Trust entities allow us to deliver premium efficiencies.

Benefits of Our Consortium

  • Not-for-Profit
  • Member-Governed
  • Over 50 years of Private Higher Education Experience
  • Strength of a Fortune 200 Company
  • Exceptional Service Rating
  • Two Member-owned Captive Insurance Companies
  • Breadth of Coverage Unique to Private Higher Education

Our Culture

Dedicated to Serving Private Higher Education


EIIA integrates the shared commitment and experience of its Members with the knowledge of industry experts to protect the reputation and assets of Member institutions and honor the promises they’ve made to their campus community.


  • We are focused on serving faith-inspired private institutions of higher education.
  • We continually strive to develop and deliver innovative programs and services.
  • We believe success is built on the strength of relationships.
  • We value all perspectives and opinions.
  • We acknowledge and respect differences in each other and encourage open communication.
  • We are accountable and take personal responsibility.
  • Above all, we honor our commitments.

Join Our Team

The EIIA Brand

EIIA stands as a strong partner in protecting the mission of our Members and their promise to the next generation of global citizens through the delivery of specialized insurance and risk management solutions that create stability and growth for each of our Member institutions.

Our Team Leaders

Dave Dietz

Dave Dietz has over 30 years of experience in the insurance industry with experience in underwriting, sales, marketing and serving religious nonprofit institutions. His leadership skills include working with start-up ventures as well as turnaround missions. Dave has a clear strategic vision for EIIA that includes strengthening relationships with all that serve EIIA members.

Dave Dietz

President & CEO

Stephen L. Garwood

Steve Garwood joined EIIA in 2002 as Vice President, Treasurer & CFO. Steve oversees the operations of five entities including College Insurance Company and College Risk Retention Group, Inc., both Vermont based captive insurance companies. Steve received his Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from the University of New Orleans and his MBA in Finance from DePaul University. He is a CPA in Illinois and Louisiana.

Stephen L. Garwood

Vice President, Treasurer & CFO

Mary Ellen Moriarty

Mary Ellen Moriarty has been actively engaged in the insurance industry for over 30 years in positions within national insurance brokerages as well as commercial insurance carriers. She joined EIIA in 2002, as the Vice President for Property & Casualty, focusing her extensive insurance experience on the higher education industry group. Mary Ellen received a Bachelor of Science from Northern Illinois University, a MBA from DePaul University and a Masters of Pastoral Studies from Loyola University. She currently holds the Chartered Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), and Associate in Captive Insurance (AIC) designations.

Mary Ellen Moriarty

Vice President, Property & Casualty

Gregory Logan

Greg Logan is a safety professional with over 20 years of experience in the Safety Management and Loss Control areas of the Risk Management field. He has worked in various capacities with nationwide companies in the construction and insurance industries. Greg holds an undergraduate and graduate degree from Northern Illinois University, the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and Associate in Risk Management (ARM) designations and is a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers.

Gregory Logan

Vice President, Risk Management

Jan Pearson

Jan Pearson, Vice President for Student Programs, has been with EIIA for over 25 years. Jan’s experience includes overseeing large injury claims and third-party claims administrators, sales, new product development, and underwriting. Jan has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interpersonal and Business Communication from Loyola University.

Jan Pearson

Vice President, Student Programs

Kimberly Hamlin Emberson

Kimberly Hamlin Emberson, Vice President, Claims, has expertise spanning insurance, litigation, negotiation, mediation, trials, legal writing and research, strategic advising, contract interpretation, advocacy, and extensive experience in claims management. With a keen understanding of insurance law and a track record of successfully handling complex claims, Kim is adept at managing legal and financial risks while advancing strategic objectives for her clients in the insurance industry. Kim has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Notre Dame University and received her Doctorate of Law from Chicago-Kent College of Law, Illinois Institute of Technology.

Kimberly Hamlin Emberson

Vice President, Claims