Property & Casualty Insurance Program

Owned by Our Members

Owned by Our Members

Members have formed two captive insurance companies

EIIA is owned by its Members. The financial benefit of over 130 Member institutions collectively purchasing commercial insurance while investing in sound risk management practices has resulted in the availability of resources to establish two wholly owned captive insurance companies. EIIA’s captives were organized as a way to financially benefit Members by securing profits normally retained by commercial insurers. The captives are owned by EIIA, and EIIA is owned by its Members……Members working together for the greater good of higher education.

  • Keystone® Valuation System

    Approved by most major insurance underwriters, this powerful building valuation and planning resource was designed specifically for institutions of higher education. It provides a host of helpful tools, indexes and guides to capture accurate, timely, and comprehensive data. It also allows you to compare your campus building’s valuation and use with institutions of similar size.

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    I appreciate the benefits and voice we enjoy being part of a membership group with similar sizes, goals, values and struggles.

    Rob Fridge

    Chief Financial Office - Drury University

An Approach That Pays

By sharing risk and losses using EIIA’s Captive Insurance Companies and the commercial insurance industry across a pool of like institutions, EIIA is able to achieve long-term stability. As an EIIA member institution, you will benefit from a sophisticated insurance program that brings coverage and rate stability that is not available for institutions purchasing a single risk.

  • Master Property & Casualty Program

    Institutions may join the Master P&C Program at any time of the year. Unlike other consortia-based programs, each institution enjoys its own individual limits for all policies except property which is underwritten on an occurrence form. The EIIA Master P&C Program is continually monitored by EIIA’s experienced insurance professionals making certain the appropriate limits are available. All coverage is crafted under the guidance of EIIA’s Advisory Council. The bottom line: Your coverage, designed specifically for your higher education institution through EIIA’s Membership.

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    Since EIIA only serves private higher education, they really understand our business model and insurance needs.

    Kenneth J. Romig

    Vice President Finance / Management Services - Westminster College

What does the Master P&C Program cover?

  • Auto Liability and Physical Damage
  • Crime/Employee Dishonesty
  • Excess Liability ($50M in limits)
  • General Liability/Sexual Misconduct
  • International Insurance (Emergency Medical, General Liability, Workers Comp, Auto, and Property)
  • Kidnap & Ransom
  • Network Security and Privacy Liability (Cyber)
  • Non-owned Aircraft
  • Pollution Liability
  • Property
  • Workers' Compensation (monopolistic states excluded)

How can being a member of EIIA help your institution?