Member-Governed, Not-for-Profit Insurance Consortium

EIIA is a not-for-profit consortium that offers insurance and risk management solutions to over 150 private, faith-inspired higher education institutions. We partner with our Members to prepare and protect them with our Property and Casualty, Student Insurance, and Employee Benefits programs.

Our Programs

Higher Education Insurance Specialists for Tomorrow's Challenges

EIIA is your higher education insurance specialist and partner in addressing, preventing, coaching, and navigating the unique challenges of tomorrow. Our extensive vendor list, partners, and connections to other vetted professionals help you navigate the complex, but critical, next steps to tackle any challenge.

Who We Are

Expertise in Higher Education Risk Management

Our proactive approach and commitment to risk management education ensures our Members can mitigate risk, prevent costly claims, help you understand the marketplace, and ensure you are fully connected to our services.


Understanding Private Higher Education

Each year, private higher education is threatened in new and unexpected ways. Cyber threats. Active shooters. Sexual misconduct. Student mental health. Shifting generational attitudes. Regulatory upheaval. Sure, you have insurance. But even if you can anticipate the next threat, being insured isn’t the same as being prepared.

Managing today’s risk demands a rare combination – both exposure to the changing world of private higher education, and the complexities of insurance industry expertise. EIIA brings these two together in a way truly unique to the market.

What makes us different? Our members integrate their real-time experiences, collective wisdom, and formidable buying power with EIIA’s insurance and risk management expertise. The result is a dynamic partnership, generating innovative, cost-effective solutions that protect against the threats of both today and tomorrow.

Change is inevitable. But you don’t have to face it alone. Partnering. Preparing. Protecting. That’s our formula. That’s the value of EIIA.

Partnering. Preparing. Protecting.


Coverage, Resources and Expertise

From protecting your students to rebuilding an entire campus, we provide the breadth of coverage and stellar services you need to deliver peace of mind knowing you’re covered.

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Our Programs

  • Property & Casualty

    Property & Casualty Program

    The Property & Casualty Team negotiates coverages in the commercial marketplace with the strength of a Fortune 200 company to secure the breadth and depth of coverage your campus needs. The two Member-owned captive insurance companies provide better access to coverage and control over costs.

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    Comprehensive master insurance program, captives, strong member focus, strong risk management support, excellent customer service and great resources.

    Matt Hawks

    AVP HR & Risk Management - Rollins College

  • Risk Management

    Risk Management Services

    A dedicated Risk Management Director partners with your staff to deliver hands-on risk management advice, risk awareness education and support to help protect the institution’s assets and reputation.

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    As complex as the insurance industry can be, it is nice to have a partner that is constantly educating and informing you with information.

    Kirk Anderson

    Chief Financial Officer - Augustana College

  • Student Insurance

    Student Insurance Program

    The Student Insurance Program offers robust student medical plans that address the changing needs of your student population. With the assistance of our Members, we have designed responsive plans and a user-friendly online enrollment/waiver system.

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    Staff is very prompt in responding to calls/questions/issues. Price is great.

    Tijuana Hudson

    Vice President for Fiscal Affairs - Claflin University

  • Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits Program

    The Employee Benefits Team takes a consultative approach when designing your employee benefits package that helps you project and manage costs while ensuring flexible options and superior delivery of services to faculty and staff.

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    We have the ability to design a plan that works for our school and we have a great relationship with the EB Team - They're incredibly helpful and always available.

    Jane Corey

    Director of Human Resources - Davis & Elkins College