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Your institution is concerned with your health and wellbeing. Student insurance is an important part of your studies. This website provides valuable coverage and claim filing information. Please take advantage of the information available and review the Full Plan Document for coverage details. If you have questions, please contact us at 888.255.4029.


Welcome to the Student Insurance Portal! We know insurance can be confusing so this website provides valuable information and tools for students, athletes, parents and medical providers.

Full Plan Document

Your Plan Document provides detailed information regarding the benefits available while enrolled in the plan. Please read the Plan Document carefully as it provides important information regarding your coverage.

Plan Summary

The Plan Summary is a quick reference and is not intended to replace the detailed Plan Document. It contains helpful information that you can pass along to your medical provider

ID Card

It is important to present a copy of your ID card(s) to your medical providers. The ID card provides valuable information that allows medical providers to bill all the appropriate parties. If you do not present your ID card(s), you may be held responsible for your medical bills.

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