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Thiel College

Your institution is concerned with your health and well-being. Student insurance is an important part of your studies. Please take advantage of the information available and review the Full Plan Document for coverage details. If you have questions, please contact us at 888.255.4029.


We know insurance can be confusing, so this website provides valuable information and tools for students, athletes, parents and medical providers.

International Students

We know insurance can be confusing so please review the information below. A few tips!
● Always show your ID card to all medical providers
● You may have some out of pocket expenses so please review the plan document and summary
● There are no network requirements – you may seek treatment wherever you choose. However, you may be responsible for amounts due over the reasonable and customary charges.
● If you have any questions, please contact NAHGA at 877.497.4980.

Student Accident Plan

Your institution provides all full-time undergraduate students with an excess accident plan.  This Plan will consider accidents that occur on or off campus after all other insurance has responded.  Please review the information below as it provides important information regarding your coverage.

Sickness Plan

Your institution provides all full-time undergraduate students with some sickness benefits excess to your primary insurance. This plan is not a replacement for accident and health insurance and may assist with deductibles and co-payments you have on your primary health insurance. There is not an ID card for this plan, please print a copy of the Certificate & Summary of Benefits to provide to your medical providers. Your medical provider may require payment up front. If that is the case, please submit your itemized bill and payment receipt for reimbursement consideration.

Intercollegiate Athletes

If you are an intercollegiate athlete and you were injured in the course of practice or play, please report your injury to your Athletic Trainer immediately. Your Athletic Trainer will assist you through the claim process. If you have any questions about your claim, please contact NAHGA at 877.497.4980

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