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Southwestern University

Your institution is concerned with your health and well-being. Student insurance is an important part of your studies. Please take advantage of the information available and review the Full Plan Document for coverage details. If you have questions, please contact us at 888.255.4029.

Please make sure to waive your coverage during the waiver period. If you fail to waive your coverage during that time you will be charged for the coverage and you will not be able to drop the plan. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 888.255.4029.

Full Plan Document

Your Plan Document provides detailed information regarding the benefits available while enrolled in the plan. Please read the Plan Document carefully as it provides important information regarding your coverage.

Plan Summary

The Plan Summary is a quick reference and is not intended to replace the detailed Plan Document. It contains helpful information that you can pass along to your medical provider.

How to File a Claim

View the documents below for claim filing instructions. Be sure to read the claim filing instructions before submitting a claim – incomplete claims will delay the processing of your medical bills.

Check Claim Status

The links below will direct you to the appropriate claims office so that you can check the status of your claim(s) or speak to a claims adjuster.

ID Card & Locating a Provider for the United Healthcare Plan

If you have not waived the United Healthcare Plan and we have received your enrollment information you will be able to create an online account via the link below. Once you wet up your account online you will be able to obtain plan information, locate a network provider, check claim status and more!

Please be sure to review your plan information and find a provider in your network before scheduling an appointment. Using a medical provide outside of the network may result in reduced benefits.

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