Risk Management Services

A sound risk management program not only helps you prevent loss, but also reduces your insurance costs.
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Risk Management Services

Not only do our Directors of Risk Management advocate for the institutions they serve but the EIIA Risk Management Services are exclusively designed to address risks inherent to institutions of higher education.

We'll help you find the answers to questions like these:

  • What is the worst thing that could happen to your institution?
  • How does your insurance coverage compare to other educational institutions?

EIIA has assembled a dedicated risk management team of professionals to work closely with you to implement a program that meets your institution's distinctive risk challenges and requirements.

Membership in EIIA has its advantages

More than a business arrangement for managing risk and reducing the costs of insurance, EIIA's members serve as an advisory body. They regularly share insights and timely counsel with each other on the practices and activities that work best for their institutions.

Our program provides a wide range of risk management services:

  • Risk Management Advice
  • Risk Awareness Education
  • Higher Education-Specific Risk Control Programs
  • Security Vulnerability Assessments
  • Campus Risk Awareness Tools
  • Exposure Analysis
  • Claims Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management Consulting

Risk Management Advice

  • The EIIA Risk Management Team continuously reviews potential exposures to loss arising from on-campus and off-campus activities. The Team provides advice and situation analysis to help institutions avoid unnecessary risk. A library of risk management materials is available to all members on the EIIA website, as well.

Risk Awareness Education

  • The Risk Management Team hosts regional seminars and webinars on various topics at no cost to members.
  • Scheduled risk management consultations raise the awareness of risk management issues across campus. EIIA Directors of Risk Management visit your campus and lead risk-focused discussions with administrators, faculty, and staff.
  • The innovative IT/Security Analysis visit by the Director of Risk Management/IT provides an in-depth review of your institution's information technology exposures.

Higher Education-Specific Risk Programs

  • The EIIA Property Risk Control Manual includes a sample disaster recovery plan plus checklists and guidelines for fire protection and life safety on campus.
  • The EIIA Casualty Risk Control Manual provides members with higher education-specific programs designed to help reduce workers compensation and liability losses. The manual is organized in three sections to help guide you through the program development process: Risk Management Administration, Strategic Risk Control Programs, and Advanced Risk Control Programs including OSHA Guidelines.

Want to learn more about efforts to promote the advancement and application of effective risk management principles and practices to institutions of higher education?

EIIA's Risk Management Analysis Tools Provide Outstanding Ways to Monitor Exposures

EIIA's Institutional Percentile Ranking reports allow member institutions to assess their loss experience relative to other institutions. Benchmarking self-assessments have been designed to identify areas of potential improvement.

Would you like to know more?

Call 1.800.537.8410 and ask for Greg Logan, Vice President, Risk Management Services



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