Foreign Assist

Our member institutions' study abroad curriculums grow every year. EIIA improves our international medical and liability insurance program by adding service and coverage to support this increased need.

Foreign Assist

For Emergency Assistance 24/7 call collect worldwide +1 410-453-6330.

We want to help make your travel enjoyable and safe.

As part of your study abroad program, your College / University and EIIA have worked to provide you with an array of services that will assist you in your travels. These services include items from pre-departure planning to making arrangements for transportation home in an unlikely medical emergency event. In addition, parents will be less anxious knowing that these services exist and are easily accessible. To learn more, just follow the appropriate web connections.

Pre-departure Planning

Your excitement builds as the days draw nearer to that thrilling day of your pre-departure. You ask yourself, "Am I missing anything?"

You have arrived!!!

You have arrived and are now settled into your quarters for the length of your stay. You may feel a bit apprehensive if you are new to traveling abroad, or if you are a veteran, you have already unloaded your gear and you are ready to face some new challenges. In either case, it is good to be prepared. So, before you walk out outside of your temporary new "home," please take the time to find out about the services that you have access to in the unlikely event of an emergency.


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